Qstep launches contactless cargo terminal pick-up system

March 22, 2021 by Choice Aviation Services0Air CargoTop Story

Cargo software firm Qstep has launched a contactless system for drivers picking up shipments from air cargo terminals.

The company said that its contactless system works by drivers scanning a QR code at the terminal entrance with a phone, inserting a PIN, entering personal name and signature, and then waiting for the terminal staff to release the shipment.

The company said it decided to develop the system largely in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. It hopes the system will offer an alternative to self-service kiosks.

“[The] Covid-19 pandemic was among key factors that pushed us to invest into the development and deployment of a contactless shipment delivery in our air cargo handling software platform, said Egor Paanukoski, chief growth officer at Qstep.

“We looked at various solutions including self-service kiosks used across many international airports these days and realized that this is no longer fully in line with a new modus operandi in our business – going contactless. Kiosks were great but you still needed to physically interact with their public touchscreens.”

Paanukoski said that as well as the health and safety benefits, the system would also create efficiencies.

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