Qatar Airways Cargo the latest to approve Releye pharma container

June 23, 2021 by Choice Aviation Services0Air CargoAirlines

Qatar Airways Cargo is the latest carrier to approve the use of Envirotainer’s recently launched Releye RLP temperature-controlled airfreight container.

Following the approval, the airline now offers 16 temperature-controlled container leasing options for pharma products.

The unit uses rechargeable batteries, with a single battery charge able to power the system for over 170 hours.

It also offers live monitoring for product condition, location, temperature, humidity, battery levels, door openings, if cargo is loaded or not and the progress of shipments.

It fits three Euro pallets (or two-US pallets), filling a gap between the larger RAP and smaller RKN-size containers to enable mixing and matching of pallet sizes.

Guillaume Halleux, chief officer cargo at Qatar Airways said: “A seamless cool chain is paramount to maintain the efficacy of pharmaceuticals and we are pleased to offer our customers a technologically advanced container – Releye RLP with live monitoring and intelligent cargo protection to transport their critical life science and health care shipments at the required temperature across our global network.”

Cathay Pacific Cargo and United Cargo have also started to offer the recently launched container.

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