Pilot Freight hubs facilitate e-commerce delivery times

May 12, 2020 by Choice Aviation Services0Air CargoSupply ChainsTop Story

Transportation and logistics provider, Pilot Freight Services (Pilot), is supporting the retail and e-commerce sectors with its multi-client warehouses in Chicago, Columbus, Orlando and Salt Lake City in the US.

The warehouses enable clients to move their products through Pilot’s ground transportation network close to retailers, as well as positioning e-commerce freight in advantageous locations to shorten delivery times.

Pilot’s eight warehouses can accommodate 20 to 10,000 pallets or more and feature a warehouse management system for remote inventory control, which can ultimately save retailers time and money when shipping.

Pilot highlighted that as a result of store closures imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19, retailers are experiencing a growing need to warehouse unsold products, as well as ship and introduce new seasonal goods.

John Hill, president and chief commercial officer at Pilot, commented: “Our goal is to provide transparency and help generate cash flow faster by storing and staging our clients’ products closer to retailers and consumers. We’re adapting our existing services to meet our clients’ unique needs during this uncertain time.” 

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