New air cargo booking tool hits the market

September 28, 2021 by Choice Aviation Services0Air CargoTop Story

A new online air cargo booking portal has been launched as air cargo's digital transformation gains momentum.

The portal connects GSAs and airlines to their forwarder customers through the use of Application Programming Interface (API) connections.

The portal, powered by Awery Aviation Software, uses real-time flight and rate information to offer search, quote, compare, and book solutions via a customer portal, by email, or API.

Options include an instant booking request, a spot rate request, or saving the price as an option on the quote.

The booking request can be completed on airline-integrated air waybill stock, and requests are validated and confirmed by the airline or GSA.

“In case of no space, an alternative flight is offered to the client for review,” the company said.

The system also includes a built-in track and trace facility as well as truck routing options.

Tristan Koch, Awery’s new chief commercial officer, said: “The digital transformation of the air cargo industry is gaining momentum, enhancing efficiency and cost effectiveness across the supply chain.

“Our in-house team has been working together for over 12 years to develop aviation software solutions to support the digitisation of the industry, and with CargoBooking, we are delivering a streamlined user experience connecting capacity and demand.”

Awery chief executive Vitaly Smilianets added: “CargoBooking brings together a wide group of skilled and experienced professionals to deliver a product that leads the way in helping the air cargo industry to embrace and benefit from its digital transformation.”

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