Hungarian government purchases Airbus A330-200F from Qatar Cargo

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Hungary’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has purchased an Airbus A330-200 freighter from Qatar Airways, according to the Hungarian government portal Origo

The move comes as the nation reportedly seeks to up its air cargo capacity in light of shortages caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

When not carrying out “state tasks”, the aircraft will be leased to low-cost Hungarian carrier Wizz Air to carry commercial cargo.

Hungarian publication explained: “One of the advantages of operating under a civilian register [such as Wizz Air] is that it is easier to obtain the necessary landing and en route permits, especially in the Far East, for example, than it is for a military aircraft.”

Origo added that military landing permits are “more complicated” to obtain in other countries than civilian ones. In addition: “military machines are also primarily designed for passenger transport, where the [capacity] possibilities for freight [transportation] transport are limited”.

Qatar Airways Cargo is gradually phasing out its Airbus A330-200 freighters as it moves towards increasing its Boeing 777F fleet.

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