FIATA and PayCargo launch Freight-Pay platform for members

July 1, 2021 by Choice Aviation Services0Air CargoTop Story

FIATA and PayCargo have teamed up to develop and launch Freight-Pay, a digital platform that enables FIATA members to carry out online transactions.

Freight-Pay allows FIATA members to send and receive money to and from other members who have joined the platform.

Benefits for members using the platform include: reduced transaction fees, flexible payments and end-to-end encrypted transactions.

Stephane Graber, FIATA director general, commented: “Freight-Pay is meant to simplify the freight forwarder’s day-to-day business and we are excited to introduce this new tool to our members.

“As we dive deeper into the digital world, we must continue to equip our members with hands-on resources that make their daily practice easier. That is why we collaborated with PayCargo to develop the Freight-Pay solution, so that FIATA members can have an efficient and secure platform to transfer money among themselves at a reduced cost.”

Lionel van der Walt, Global Chief Commercial Officer at PayCargo, commented: “A system such as Freight-Pay will help to enable businesses, irrespective of their location, to become truly global in their operations. International partnerships will become simplified, more readily available and the cost of doing business significantly reduced.

“Existing methods of international payments are slow, expensive, and often unavailable to many businesses; Freight-Pay has been specifically designed to address and resolve these challenges for the FIATA freight forwarding community.”

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