Eastern Airlines plans for B777 freighter operations

February 22, 2021 by Choice Aviation Services0Air CargoFreighter OperatorFreighters WorldTop Story

Low-cost carrier Eastern Airlines has revealed plans to add two Boeing B777 freighters to its fleet.

The airline currently operates 10 aircraft, but in a US Department of Transportation filing it announced plans to expand its fleet to 18 aircraft.

Included in this expansion are two leased B777-200 freighters which it plans to operate on aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance (ACMI) charters.

The carrier said that the move is part of efforts to make sure all staff are fully utilised.

“Given the pandemic, it is especially important that Eastern be right-sized to operate at peak efficiency, which is not possible with the current fleet restrictions,” it said in the filing.

“Currently, both flight crews and maintenance personnel are underutilized. For example, Eastern can operate all the new scheduled service referenced below without adding any flight crew, maintenance personnel or infrastructure.”

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