Dimerco delivers critical cargo in just five days

January 28, 2021 by Choice Aviation Services0Air Cargo

Dimerco organised a B777 freighter to transport oversized telecoms equipment from China to Pakistan within just five-days, despite Covid-19 restrictions and the challenges of the late December holiday period.

Three sets of product line equipment totalling 91.5 tonnes were flown to Lahore from Guangdong in time for the planned opening of a new plant in Pakistan, but with final details not confirmed until after the Christmas/New Year break.

Dimerco advised that air charter would provide the best solution. As product line equipment requires inspection for air transportation, part of Dimerco’s service included liaising with the relevant inspection institute, as well as coordinating local low-bed trucking and air transportation from pick up to destination.

The project included instructing an experienced palletisation company to load the cargo to fit the Qatar Airways B777F freighter, controlling all necessary documentation and ongoing communication with all parties throughout the entire process.

A spokesperson on behalf of Dimerco commented: “Most airlines providing a service to Pakistan offer a route to Karachi rather than Lahore, but clearly this would have been less convenient for our client, creating a longer transit time with higher costs.

“It would also have meant a delay in the client’s new plant becoming operational, incurring costly lost production time. In this case, our industry experience and established network of trusted partners enabled us to identify an air carrier able to handle our optimized route from Guangzhou to Lahore, deliver the cargo in record time and save costs for our client.”

The spokesperson concluded: “Few logistics providers would have been able to coordinate a project of this complexity within such a short time-frame, delivering on time and in budget. We are proud to have responded to the challenge with professionalism, teamwork and flexibility, and our client is delighted with the Dimerco service.”

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