Cloudleaf and OnAsset team up on cargo tracking

June 25, 2021 by Choice Aviation Services0Air Cargo

Software provider Cloudleaf and monitoring device firm OnAsset Intelligence have partnered on cargo tracking.

The partnership will combine Cloudleaf’s supply chain visibility software platform with OnAsset’s suite of monitoring devices, so users can monitor location, condition and security details of shipments from their computers.

“The benefits of this partnership are significant for all manufacturers and logistics providers that understand the importance of ground-truth asset and inventory intelligence,” said  Cloudleaf chief executive Mahesh Veerina.

“All too often current solutions or deployments providing indoor, fleet or asset tracking data fall short of expectations for timeliness, accuracy, and context. Together, Cloudleaf’s intelligence platform and OnAsset’s technologies, are proven to deliver the IoT driven ground-truth insights for Industry 4.0 transformation needs.”

“We are thrilled to enter this partnership with Cloudleaf,” added Adam Crossno, chief executive of OnAsset Intelligence. “The visualization and analytical capabilities, combined with OnAsset’s data feeds, create a powerful advantage for users to gain visibility from the cargo edge.”  


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