Caerdav rocks up to the cargo conversion market

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Wales-based MRO Caerdav is seeking to move into the cargo conversion market as it looks to capitalise on expected growth in the sector.

The company said it had decided to make the move into conversions as a result of aircraft across the globe being grounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in belly capacity on passenger flights being significantly reduced and increased demand for dedicated cargo freighters.

At the moment, Caerdav is actively seeking airlines, leasing companies, cargo carriers and STC holders to work with. 

“With uncertainty in the passenger sector set to continue, the number of aircraft primed and ready for the conversion market is on the rise,” it said.

The company pointed out that in its most recent update, Boeing predicted a need for 930 production freighters and 1,500 passenger-to-freighter conversions in the next 20 years.

“With Airbus making similar predictions, the opportunities in the sector should secure long-term revenue for the business,” Caerdav said in a release.

Bruce Dickinson, chairman of Caerdav and lead singer of Iron Maiden, said: “Caerdev is always looking for new opportunities and cargo conversions presented itself front and centre as a result of Covid, let’s face it, the world has gone topsy turvy and there is great uncertainty.

“One of the certainties is that cargo is massive. It is going to double and double. It is going to be huge. There is almost going to be more cargo aeroplanes flying around the world than there are going to be passenger aircraft.”

He added: “We have access to a huge pool of local, experienced engineering talent – making the move into cargo conversions the next logical step for the business.”

Caerdav specialises in MRO work for Airbus 320s and Boeing 737s.

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