ATRAN Airlines and Volga-Trucks complete multi-modal delivery of spare parts

October 16, 2020 by Choice Aviation Services0Air CargoAirlinesFreighter Operator

ATRAN Airlines (ATRAN), a Volga-Dnepr Group carrier, has teamed up with SIS Logistik to carry transport spare parts from Frankfurt (Germany) to Perm (Russia).

ATRAN said the delivery was “complex” and made use of a range of transportation modes.

First, the equipment was trucked from Frankfurt to Köln. next, it was loaded onto an ATRAN’s Boeing 737-400SF to be flown to Moscow Vnukovo International Airport, the carrier's base. Finally, the cargo was trucked 1,154 km to Perm.

Volga-Trucks' road feeder services arranged and transported the cargo on the trucked routes.

Vasiliy Zhukov, commercial director of ATRAN Airlines,commented: “This is a great example of Volga-Dnepr’s cargo supermarket concept in action and the first time we have organised internal customs transit in cooperation with Volga-Trucks.

“Being experienced in developing various schemes for air freight delivery with the usage of the group fleet, we are now moving one step further to foster multi-modal transportations using the expertise of the specialists within ATRAN and Volga-Trucks.”

Ildar Kamaletdinov, head of sales at Volga-Trucks, added: “Completing another delivery under the cargo supermarket concept is a great achievement and the result of the teamwork, which at first glance seems like an easy task. Although there are hours of work behind the scenes and it is all worth it once you accomplish another multi-modal transportation together with one of the group’s carrier.

“We have been enhancing our service quality, expanding our fleet and digital capabilities to guarantee fast, reliable and safe trucking options.”

Also this week, Volga-Dnepr Airlines partnered with Blue Water Shipping to carry out a number of flights using its Antonov-124-100 ramp freighter aircraft to support the construction of a new power plant in Afghanistan.

The “technically complex and challenging project” involved 430 tonnes of equipment being transported for ‘Bayat Power Phase 1’, which will ultimately bring reliable and affordable electricity to more than 100,000 homes in Afghanistan.

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