American Airlines Cargo updates cancellation policy to maximise capacity

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American Airlines Cargo has updated its cancellation and fair booking policy to mitigate unused space on its flights during this challenging, capacity-limited period, caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

Effective from May 1, the new fair booking policy will allow customers to cancel up to 48 hours prior to the flight’s scheduled departure or ship the amount in the original booking, without being charged.

Customers with shipments over 100 kg will be responsible for paying a fee starting at $50 for late cancellation, late reduction in chargeable weight or failure to show.

American Airlines Cargo president, Rick Elieson, commented: “As big as our network is, we now have a very limited number of daily flights around the world and we have a responsibility to protect that capacity.

“This is space that could be used to hold life-saving medicines or critical freight, so we must do everything we can to avoid wasted cargo capacity and have as positive an impact on the world at a time when people are counting on us so heavily.

“This policy allows us to be more efficient with limited inventory and better meet the needs of our customers.”

American recently launched its new end-to-end management system in late 2019, which introduced an online booking platform and made it easier for customers to digitally review options and secure bookings.

Full details on the new policy can be viewed here.

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