Agility and Chapman Freeborn team up to deliver medical machinery and supplies in Maldives

April 22, 2020 by Choice Aviation Services0Air CargoTop Story

Logistics firm Agility and air charter business Chapman Freeborn recently collaborated to deliver 287 items of medical cargo, including CT scan and MRI machines, to Malé in the Maldives for distribution at four hospitals.

Agility said it overcame the logistical challenges presented by Covid-19 and brought the cargo to Dubai from locations in the US, Chin, France, Japan and India.

The two companies then chartered a Boeing 747, which is large enough to carry all of the cargo during a single flight, freighter from Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai.

Satish Lakkaraju, chief commercial officer of Agility India, said: “From the countries of origin, to the consolidation point in Dubai and to the final destination in Malé, we were pleased to have such talented people working on this global project. We knew how vitally important this equipment is to the health of the people in the Maldives.

“We thank our Agility Dubai team and our trusted global partner, Chapman Freeborn, for expertly handling all challenges that arose. The timely execution of this shipment is another example of Agility’s commitment towards patient safety.”

Vikas Chaturvedi, Chapman Freeborn’s Dubai commercial manager of cargo, added: “Once again we’re very proud to have successfully executed another charter flight to Maldives on behalf of Agility. Transporting this type of medical equipment on short notice requires careful planning and close attention to detail.

“Our strength is the global aviation professionals working with Agility and Chapman Freeborn.

“We want to thank our partners and colleagues Afsar Ali and Ayshil Chandra for their valuable support.”

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